about her

Geraldine is a Photographer and Filmmaker based in Berlin. She grew up in a small town in Germany called Hermeskeil. At a younger age she spent three years in her childhood in the Philippines. It has been a precious time growing up in two different cultures. With this mix of experience she has shaped her individual way of seeing the world. Being interested into fashion design and painting as a young girl, she later on started to experiment with a pocket camera and posted her first photos on DeviantArt. It was a plattform for photo enthuasiasts where Geraldine also discovered the possibility to grow within her skills in photography. Learning by doing constantly over the years, she became ambitous about what she wanted to do. Her biggest inspiration sources are music, travels and old vintage photographs that give you some goosebumps by the authentic story-telling through an image. 

To expand her photograhic horizon, she went to Berlin to study audiovisual media. From this point on, she became more skilled into filmmaking and improved her visual style. She dedicated herself into many projects. Ever since she has found out what makes her happier in her everyday-life, she stays focused on her goals.

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