Photographer based in Berlin

I was born in March 1993 in a small town called Hermeskeil. It’s situated in the Hunsrück which is close to Germany's oldest city Trier. At a younger age I spent my childhood in Germany and in the Philippines. It has been a precious time growing up in two different cultures.

I started at a very young age becoming more interested in photography. I was a geek who experimented in Photoshop. I fell in love with the aesthetic of black and white photographs which seem timeless and truthful to me. Soon I figured out that photography can teach me to reflect, tells a story and points out the motives I want to capture: humans, still life and music which seems to be my biggest passion.

The first time I ever traveled alone was going to Paris once, where I tried to only take pictures of strangers and got inspired to travel often. Then I started to run a blog and later on in 2014, I was one of the photographers for the student calender "Unikörper" in Trier. It included my first photo exhibition and this was a key moment in my photography carreer.

Founding myself in Berlin, I studied film & photography at Beuth University of Applied Sciences. I like working in the field of filmmaking as well as on photography.

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Photo by Makeda Sandford