BIOGRAPHY Geraldine Hutt is a freelance photographer and videographer based in Berlin, Germany whose strength is capturing the contemporary times and undercurrents of the music and fashion industries.

Caring deeply about the essence of beauty, she has a keen perception for color combinations that produces images and videos not only pleasurable to the eye but summons emotion. Her focus is on documenting simple beauty, feminine strength, and artist portraits.

Influenced by analog and American photography in her impressionable years, she particularly became interested in music and fashion photography with the rise of social media. She first got involved in music photography at the age of 16 by taking photos at an Exhaus concert where she found a community of alternative friends into rock, ultimately shaping her career path into a world more of bohemia and avant-garde.

Her love for fashion comes from picking up her first Vogue Magazine at the age of 11 which influenced her to draw and create her own clothes. She was captivated by the creativity of combining colors, shapes, and materials and utilizing this to show the femininity of strong, independent, but soft women; an aesthetic she uses in her photography and videography today.

Geraldine studied Screen Based Media at Berliner Hochschule für Technik Berlin and specialized in cinematography and post production. 

Imagenation New York
Imagenation Paris
Exhibition “Lichtraum” Berlin
Col·lec Barcelona
Adobe Live
Sofar Sounds Berlin  
Unikörper Trier

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